Magical Tracing Workbook Reusable Calligraphy Copybook


Magical Tracing Workbook Reusable Calligraphy Copybook Practice Drawing Book Toddler Learning Activities For Kids Children Toys

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It is important that children are easily and playfully prepared for writing, reading and drawing

In that case, our magic tracing workbook is a great choice. The best preparation for learning to write, read and draw for boys and girls ages 2-12.

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Writing – Every child wants to do what adults can do

This age-old method of transmitting knowledge and experience requires optimal performance from the brain. Handwriting is an extremely complex process that involves fine tics, arcs, arches and swings. Mastering it not only improves the fluency of writing, but also helps to learn to read.

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Lines and shapes for beginners

Simple and short exercises ensure early success and recognition of directions, shapes and lines, as well as the first experiences of hand-eye coordination.

Tricks and bows for the advanced

Loops, hooks, and directional changes improve the child’s ability to hold and guide the pen correctly.

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Summary of the book content :

  • For girls and boys ages 2 to 12
  • Pre-writing and tracing exercises
  • Colouring picture patterns
  • Puzzles and cognitive games
  • Various drawing exercises
  • Development of concentration
  • Improvement of hand-eye coordination
  • Preparation for learning to write
  • Child-friendly illustrations
  • Package includes: 1 set x Magic Tracing Workbook
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